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Dymatec Aps was founded by Henrik Andreasen in 1987. The company is located on the island of Als in Southern Denmark. Situated on high ground, Dymatec has a wide horizon and a wonderful view of the surrounding landscape. The fact that we appreciate our surroundings is reflected in our social and sustainable values. Read more about Dymatec's set of values below.


Throughout its existence, Dymatec has experienced positive growth. Today, the company operates in an approximately 1500m2 large production area. Our main skill is high-tech CNC turning and we continuously invest in new specialised technologies and sustainable solutions.


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At Dymatec, we are very much aware of the fact that we are dependent on various ressources: technology, specialised labour, raw materials and energy. The high levels of efficiency and quality that characterize our production, are founded on a clear understanding of Dymatec's position in a larger interrelated network of factors to which we must constantly adjust. In other words, we reflect on how we affect our surroundings, and how our surroundings affect us. As a company, we also look inwards as we make a lot of effort to facilitate a good working environment for our employees. Central in this respect is a shared set of values - in which individual responsibility and motivation are at the heart - that is aimed at fostering a strong sense of co-ownership and loyalty.

On the basis of these values, Dymatec strives:

  • to ensure an efficient and sustainable production.
  • ensure that quality is our main priority.
  • to ensure an optimal basis for continous growth.

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