Flexibility og effeciency are key words at Dymatec - the combination of unique CNC machinery and professionel competences makes us capable of living up to these qualities.


Our volume machines differ from the majority of other machines in our line of business, in that they are loaded by robots and that the spindles are installed side by side. This means that at any given time one spindle is always operating, whereas most other machines transfer from one spindle to the other - a sequence that effectively slows down the process by approximately 20 seconds per transfer. In hard numbers, this discrepancy amounts to an extra cost of 2,77 dkk per unit at a charge of 500 dkk per hour.


In correspondence with Dymatec's aim for the minimal amount of wasted time, we have robot cells operating even after we have turned out the lights and gone home for the night.

Our machinery:

- Muratec

- Takisawa

- Okuma

- Leadwell

- Mori Seiki

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