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At Dymatec, we master the complexities associated with an efficient and discerning production by unifying specialised skills and technologies in one location. We deliver to a broad range of companies, who need CNC processed items in various materials and in various quantities. The prerequisites have made Dymatec a flexible, versatile and respected business partner.

Here, you can learn more about our process and how Dymatec can make a difference for you.

We process the following materials:

- Aluminum.

- Steel

- Brass.

- Copper.

- Artificial material.

- Stainless steel.

- Castings, forged items, sintered.

- Exotic materials.



Material certification available, if needed.



Services & dimensions:


CNC turning up to and including Ø350mm; pole processing up to and including Ø65mm.


CNC milling, centre and pallet sizes up to and including 300x300mmg; work area 1020x500x600mm.


CNC boring


Thread and surface rolling.


CNC sawing, assembly line automation up to and including Ø320mm and 320×320mm.


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