The process

The Process


At Dymatec, one work process does not necessarily resemble the next. Each process is adjusted to accommodate the individual needs of the customer, as we possess a wide range of expertise which can be of assistance before, during and after the manufacture of the order:


  • We cooperate with the customer in creating an optimal basis for the work process.
  • Close dialogue and technical consultation have proven to be time-saving and thus cost-reducing.



  • Advanced CNC automation ensures an effecient and reliable production.
  • The specialised (read more here) guarantees precision and shorter process cycles with minimal wasted time.


  • Packing and shipment are adjusted to the individual needs of the customer.
  • Dymatec effectuates special tasks, such as installation of o-rings etc.

For our rational and monitored production, we use:


  • An electronic production management system.
  • An electronic storage management system.
  • Electronic post-calculation.
  • Documented statistical process management (check tests).
  • WENZEL Smart CMM–measuring tools.

Hardening is executed by our business partner:


  • Hardening.
  • Induction hardening.
  • Heat treatment.
  • Other customer specifics.


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